Saturday, March 04, 2006

Talking Points

Discussion Topics

Recently, my favorite editor gently chided me for “ranting” and “raving.” To which admonition I responded-inwardly-with a resounding touché, since I do rail (silently) and in print against the plethora of rhetoric, and dearth of action-as it were.

So, I thought I’d talk about mobilizing, or rather get a discussion started regarding the subject at least. I suppose that for we progressives mobilization is sort of like talking about traffic, or the weather-you know, the old “everyone talks about it…”

Seeing as to how action-for us- requires mobilization (and it is continually being asked rhetorically), why don’t we have the dedication towards mobilization? It is repeatedly pointed out that the fascists have both the dedication, and are mobilized. Just what the hell is wrong with us (progressives?)

Why is it that we cannot mobilize? I most certainly can give no definitive answer to that question? Most assuredly I can take a stab at it by offering theories and conjecture; but I honestly do not believe that anyone can answer that question, myself included. However, having experienced my share of the streets, I will offer this point for discussion: the biggest reason we don’t/can’t mobilize is that we are afraid. That’s right, we’re afraid of the USA Patriot Act; the Justice Department; the cops or whatever. We’re afraid of losing our ‘creature comforts,’ of losing our job, our friends, or something.

From where this progressive sits, that is the biggest damn problem regarding why we can’t mobilize; we’re too fucking afraid of making a sacrifice. So we’ll talk the talk, rail against the inequities, tune in to Air America, watch LinkTV and pontificate. But we will not mobilize. There has to be enough of us out there, we need about 15 million. Just 15 million to sit on their progressive asses and not turn a dime, not trade a penny. Don’t bank, don’t pay, and just keep your hands in your pockets and boycott the capitalists for about two weeks. I mean, like, there are already some 40 million folks in this country who are living like that right now, and they are not doing it by choice! The corporate bloodsuckers continually increase the number of people in the poverty ranks, pretty soon we’ll all be joining them whether we want to or not. Then maybe, we’ll become mobilized.

Forty million plus people in this country-the supposed land of plenty-live in poverty. That’s almost 15 percent of the population people, the highest goddamn percentage in the developed world! Do you think that they are not sacrificing? We progressives need to be thinking about those 40 million people each and every day. They are all around us; from the hills of Tennessee to the streets of Miami, from Louisiana to the Great Plains. Every damn year since George W. Bush took office their number has grown.

Since Bush and Corporate Amerika began their assault on the poor in the United States 6 million people have entered the poverty ranks. And the crime of it all is that many of these people have jobs, many of them hold down two jobs; just to maintain a poverty level in George Bush’s Amerika.

According to Bread for the World 13 million children in the United States live in households that experience hunger. That’s one in ten households in Bush’s Amerika, this is an increase of 1.4 million. And these numbers are a couple of years’ old. Are they sacrificing enough yet?

So back to mobilizing, one would think that we could put together 15 million progressives in solidarity with the homeless and hungry in Amerika, is that doable or not?
We could join them in the soup lines, under the freeway overpasses, in the hallways and doorways of this affluent country. We could march arm in arm down Wall Street, and into the offices of the corporate bloodsuckers. We could steal a page from history’s notebook and camp out on the banks of the Potomac until the politicians recognize our demands; health care for all, and for all a real living wage.

We could all join in a national boycott of Wal-Mart, Big Pharma, DuPont, Coca-Cola, Exxon-Mobil and every damn greedy corporate bastard of the Fortune 500. We could sing and shout “We Shall Overcome” from the rooftops of ‘K’ Street, into the corrupt halls of Capital Hill. We could link arms and storm the White House gates in sheer numbers, and take back ‘the people’s house.’ All this we can do, and more.

But if we cannot do this; or until we can do this, I personally have drawn up Frank Pitz’ discussion topics-or talking points if you will. Since a great many of you out there still hold out a deluded hope for change through the ballot box, even though the ballot box is rigged against us, I will join your ranks-reluctantly, and with conditions.

Here’s the skinny from this revolutionary in the desert. Any progressive/liberal/democrat/radical/anarchist/green/blue/red-or other who wishes to garner my vote now and forevermore needs to pay attention to my talking points. In reality though, these points are much, much, more; they are conditions if you will.

These are the conditions under which I will give you my vote:

· There will be an immediate, unilateral, unconditional end to the wars now being fought, financed by, of and for the United States.
· All American troops in foreign lands will immediately be repatriated to the United States.
· All wounded, maimed and psychologically damaged veterans will be ensured whatever level of medical and financial care they need for the rest of their lives; no strings, no hoops, no fucking part A’s, B’s, C’s D’s, or any other stupid alphabetizing or acronymizing bullcrap.
· There will never be another preemptive war, in my lifetime, my children’s lifetime, or my grandchildren’s lifetime.
· There will be an immediate repeal/rescission of all the NAFTA, CAFTA garbage.
· All American corporations who have moved offshore will be penalized at a rate of 20 percent of their before tax profits for each and every worker they have displaced, or other wise “downsized.” These funds to go into union health and welfare programs.
· It will immediately become illegal for an American corporation to avoid paying taxes by establishing a P.O. Box offshore.
· No corporate CEO will make more than 70 percent of the salary of his/her highest paid worker, annually.
· Any worker who wishes to belong to a union can do so without fear of corporate or political reprisal.
· There will be a national minimum wage of $15 per hour.
· There will be single-payer health care for all, from cradle to grave.
· There will be public financing of all elections in this country; local, state and federal.
· There will be no lobbyists or other corporate shills writing or making legislation, on a local, state or federal level.
· Every United States citizen will have the right to vote, and that includes every American citizen who may be incarcerated.
· Pharmaceutical companies will be nationalized, and their prices and profits strictly regulated.
· Within three years, every automobile manufactured or sold in this country will either be a hybrid or have a mileage rating of at least 40 MPG.
· Within 10 years renewable energy shall comprise at least 35 percent of the United States energy portfolio.
· Within twenty years, renewable energy shall compromise 60 percent of the United States energy portfolio.
· All nuclear power will be phased out, and all current subsidies for that power will cease.
· Every woman in this country shall enjoy freedom of choice.
· Marriage as an institution in this country shall not be legislated to mean a union between one man and one woman. Marriage as an institution shall be open to any/all consenting adults regardless of sexual persuasion.
· And more….

Okay people, I suppose I could go on all night here, but you get the point. For those of you out there who want my vote, read all of the above. For all of you out there who read this, send me-not the editor-your talking points/conditions adding to this list. If I can’t have a revolution, then I damn well want some candidates with cojones; be they male or female. I’m sick and tired of Republicans and Republicans, outside of perhaps Russ Feingold there ain’t a real fucking Democrat out there. Okay gang, send me those talking points!

From the desert, take care out there.

Friday, February 24, 2006

The good, the bad and the Ugly

When writing about the criminals who reside in the White House or the legislative corridors of Washington however, one can most certainly overlook any ‘good,’ and instead concentrate on the bad and the ugly – of which there is plenty.

I suppose one may be able to construe Fitzgerald’s indictment of the Scooter man as good, however this writer could only feel good if the entire White House – and its occupants – were magically transported to the polluted waters of the Potomac and sunk. But then again, we would still have the legislative corridors and its inhabitants to deal with, and we know it is nigh impossible to drown all of the rats.

The Senate Finance Committee approved legislation that would cut Medicare and Medicaid by over $10 Billion – yes, with a capital B – over the next 5 years. Senator Rick – the sanctimonious – Santorum with a straight face said that, “We are not cutting health care services to the beneficiaries.” He instead referred to the cuts as “squeezing the providers.” That euphemism means that “providers” will face cuts for those services which they provide; that in turn means more “providers” will refuse to treat beneficiaries of Medicare and Medicaid; which in turn means that it is the beneficiaries who get “squeezed.” Isn’t it time someone squeezed the pus-filled sac that sits upon Rick Santorum’s shoulders?

Santorum is one of that elite group who belong to the United States Senate, these folks take from you and I – I refuse to say earn – about $165,000 per year with a long laundry list of fantastic perks that includes “campaign donations and gifts.” Recently Santorum and his Repug counterparts turned down legislation to raise the minimum wage from $5.15 to $6.25 for the lowest paid segment of our society. In refusing to boost the minimum wage – which has not been raised for eight years – Santorum and his band of cutthroat Repugs were dancing to the tune of Big Business and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, who stand vehemently opposed to any raising of the poverty wage.

The criminals who reside in that swamp by the Potomac are seeking to make cuts in the final budget in order to come up with the money to pay the criminals who are running around in Louisiana and Mississippi under the guise of hurricane restoration and rehabilitation, with no-bid contracts, of course. However, whenever the inmates of Foggy Bottom talk about making cuts, it is always the poor and their children as well as the elderly who have their tenuous lifelines cut.

A few of the provisions – cuts needed to pay Halliburton, Black Hawk Security, et al - in the final budget reconciliation bill will be extensive cuts in comprehensive and affordable health care for millions of children now under the already fragile protection of Medicaid. One of the areas to go will be the Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment program that covers about half the children enrolled in Medicaid. This assures the Bush criminal empire that poor children will most assuredly be left behind – in the grave – due to lack of early screening for childhood diseases.
In addition school lunches and breakfasts will be cut adding an additional 40,000 children to the already burgeoning ranks of the hungry in Bush’s Amerika. According to the Center on Hunger and Poverty and citing a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) report
The number of American households experiencing hunger has “jumped” 43% over the past 5-years. This means that 38.2 million people (13.2% of all Americans) live in “hungry and food-insecure households” That staggering number includes 13.9 million kids under the age of 18. The state with the highest number (16.6%) of hungry families – naturally – was Texas.

In this frenzied, insignificant news climate of “who leaked and who didn’t,” “who goes to the Supreme Court and who doesn’t” with all of its attendant ‘talking head’ bullshit, the fact that kids are starving in this country fly’s under the radar. I know, I know, this is a recurring theme of mine but I get damn sick and tired of reading – and listening to – the crap about who can, and how to take the power back from the criminals in Washington. The fucking negative, hapless Democrats – one and all – are just as guilty as the Repugs when it comes to oppressing and quarantining the poor in this country.

China props up our dollar, the Saudis control the oil, our technology centers are migrating to India, and the decent paying job market is hemorrhaging as corporate Amerika continues its rape and pillaging of the working class all under the criminal, watchful eye of the elites in the boardroom, as well as their fuck-buddies in Washington. But it’s okay because Amerika has Reality TV, NASCAR, and all the other assorted entertainment meant to keep the apathetic under control.

While all of this domination/oppression of the poor continues the liberal elite keep on with their endless harangues about “change.” In effect what these spokespersons, and their supporting organizations are doing is perpetuating the myth that the hapless, apathetic American public can make lasting change by organizing, voting – and most importantly, so as to maintain the wherewithal to perpetuate the myth – contributing financially to their causes.

Let’s talk about those three points a bit, and I’ll take the last one - $contributing$ - first. The contributing supposedly gets down to the grass roots and enables the faithful to field “good progressive candidates” who can take on the crooks, as well as maintaining operating capital. And I will give these groups their due and state that yes, they do field candidates on occasion, however, my definition of “progressive” and outfits like Move Ons’ defining of “progressive” are poles apart. Groups such as this count a John Kerry or a Howard Dean as progressive, I count someone like a Jim Hightower, or Gore Vidal, or Kurt Vonnegut as a progressive.

Martin Luther King addressed liberals and moderates of this ilk in his “Letter from the Birmingham Jail:” “…the white moderate who is more devoted to ‘order’ than to justice…” He further expounded: “…who prefers a negative peace which is the absence of tension to a positive peace which is the presence of justice.”

The next point is voting. These moderate/liberal groups expend a lot of effort and money on get out the vote type campaigns, I have just one thing to say; it didn’t work in 2000, and it didn’t work in 2004. And until you – create some tension – change the way the votes are counted it ain’t going to work the next time either.

Now to the organizing, these groups are well known for their “meet-ups,” “move-outs,” or whatever the hell they call them, I have been to many. Now this really impresses me, first of all the “members” take a vote on where to meet in their particular area. Second of all this is usually an “Atlanta Bread Company” or a “Starbucks” type venue that is selected, one is going to see a lot of different colors represented there – right? So everyone sits around and strategizes while sipping their latte and nibbling on their finger foods, this is truly impressive.

I suppose what I am saying – and it is of course debatable, but not refutable – in my own indomitable pissed off way is that if you want to make an omelet you have to break some fucking eggs!

On November 5th I will turn 69 years of age; I don’t fear a flu pandemic, I don’t fear a terrorist bio-attack, I don’t fear Saddam or North Korea or Iran or Syria no, what I fear is that I may die in an America still under the thumb of totalitarianism – in the future – as it is now as I approach my 69th year. That’s my biggest fear folks, isn’t it time to break a few eggs?

Take care out there,

Sunday, February 19, 2006

It's always the Poor, isn't It?

It’s always the poor, isn’t it? Or the feeble, infirm, incarcerated, homeless or other so-called ‘dregs of society.’ In some situations it can be whole countries, or ethnic groups suffering under the jackboots of oppression.

They are used, and become the fodder for experimentation, exploitation, maiming and death. At the hands of governments, pharmaceutical companies, chemical companies, agri-business as well as other assorted corporate bloodsuckers.

In the name of providing for their family they go into holes deep underground and they suffer the hell of the darkness and dust to live out their lives coughing and hacking until their lungs give out. Or, they die underground as a result of the callousness of corporations wishing to maximize profits while minimizing safety implementation.

These men, and women not only fight the poisons underground; they also fight the poisons administered by uncaring corporations, as well as an even more unfeeling government. A government bought and controlled by the conglomerate whose only concern is the bottom line; and death is nothing more than a blip on the profit and loss screen.

Men, and women sell their plasma twice a week to buy a pack of cigarettes, or a bottle of muscatel, or a crack rock. Or from behind the concrete walls and barbed wire of the nation’s private prisons they sell their bodies –and minds- for experimentation, to gather a few dollars for spending at the company store.

So too, within the confines of the psychiatric wards of this country they become guinea pigs spinning within the wheel of Big Pharma. The entire third world becomes a testing ground for genetically engineered food, while the multi-national chemical companies douse the land and inhabitants with “new test products.”

Within the confines of hidden, top-secret installations around the globe, conducting tests on human subjects –from torture to physiological degradation- occurs; in the name of National Security, medical research, or some new and arcane acronym just coined by the Department of Homeland Terror and their corporate cohorts.

We witness the social experimentation of dispersal, of the entire minority population of the City of New Orleans. A deliberate, planned form of social genocide. One can only wonder what other forms of racial obliteration Bush and Company have in store.

Corporate America becomes positively orgasmic witnessing the death and destruction occurring in that large experimental laboratory that is Iraq. New weapons, new and agonizing ways to die, and the largest group of captive specimens with which to try out all of the newest torture devices.

The corporate bloodsuckers have become more emboldened, they have now been given license to experiment openly, as it were. Not since the Tuskegee “experiment” in which the United States Government for forty years infected whole generations of black Americans with syphilis has such a large government sanctioned lab been opened up.

The Environmental Protection Agency has given carte blanche license to corporate America to once again, experiment openly on American citizens. Pesticide testing on human subjects.

It’s always the poor, isn’t it? Or the feeble, the infirm, incarcerated, homeless or other so-called ‘dregs of society.’

For the families of 60 children in Duval County, Florida their remuneration will consist of children’ clothes, a camcorder and $970. All they need do for this government/corporate largesse is eat, sleep and breathe a steady diet of pesticide. Which rhymes with homicide, genocide and suicide.

From the coal mines of West Virginia to the farm fields of Florida and elsewhere, Bush and Company can murder with impunity. Not content with slaughtering women and children in Iraq and Afghanistan, he now wants to decimate those he sees as ‘undesirables’ in this country.

Encouraged by his successes in New Orleans he is ready to cleanse the country of the less fortunate. Like the mad doctors and exterminators of the Nazi regime, Bush is embarking on his own purification program.

What have we come to in this country people? Where is the outrage? Why aren’t we storming the Bastille –as it were- and readying the guillotine? We are cowards, one and all; by virtue of our silence we are co-conspirators in the deaths of the innocents.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

The Revolution should be Televised

"The job of the writer is to make revolution irresistible"
Toni Cade Bambara

As a matter of fact it should also be “streamed” live over the internet. And if
we progressives cannot put together a May Day “Tea Party” then we need to slink
away and discontinue flapping our gums over the internet and other such safe

Isn’t it past time to cease the “what if,” “could have, would have, should have”
rhetoric and get serious? The evangelical right wing nuts are doing it daily,
why can’t we? Look at what some of these religious zealots are doing, they are
intimidating politicians – and a majority of the public – through sheer numbers
and vocalization. Can’t we do the same?
Or is it much easier to make an online donation through PayPal and feel

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics there are some 15.5 million union
members in the United States, imagine if you will, each and every one of those
members in the streets of America. Suppose further still, a global coordination
of all trade union and association members in a worldwide lockout and blockade.
As someone much smarter than I once said. “If the workers sit down and keep
their hands in their pockets, the Capitalists and the Politicians can’t get
their hands in.” What a grand and glorious affair something like this could be,
how about truly reviving May 1st as “International Celebration of the Working
Woman/Man Day?”

Then hypothesize the alleged 3 million members of Move-On (though Move-On appears
to be more comfortable at wine and cheese tastings than
confrontations), joining those union
members, add to that mix another 12 million or so radical progressives and
assorted anarchists and we have us an insurrection. And if we are dead on
serious about getting rid of the thieves and murderers in Washington, DC – that
is what we need to do.

Forget the courts, forget the UN, forget the petitioning for redress – “you
cannot petition the Lord with prayer” – let’s give the Bush Corporation a dance
they cannot ignore. The right wing zealots in power are terrified whenever the
evangelical terrorists strike up the band, it is damn well past time for the
left to employ the same frigging tactics and change the tune. If we can
visualize it, we can make it happen.

Look at the photos, of the rabid, frothing, eye bulging mass of evangelicals
that turn out whenever abortion is mentioned, and they fill the United
States Congress with enough terror that its members fall all over
themselves to fuck with a woman's choice. Look at the media spreads of these same damn
people maniacally parading around a woman’s health clinic, threatening – and
occasionally murdering - personnel and assaulting women – and the Bush
Totalitarians cannot bend over fast enough to attack Roe –v- Wade.

The evangelical right wing nuts have mired this great country of mine in a
permanent state of cowardice. We hide behind the comfort of the keyboard and
monitor and pontificate. We set up a climate of self-censorship because a group
of pimps for the evangelical Taliban wish to stifle academic, artistic and
intellectual freedom in this country, and establish a religious regime. We have
sacrificed our collective souls upon the altar of comfortability and safe
passage through the maelstrom, while about our heads fascism becomes the order
of the day.

Social change – labor movement, workplace safety, health care, etc. – was not
given to us in this country, it was taken on the streets by folks like Eugene
Debs, A. Philip Randolph, Emma Goldman, Lucy Parson, Joe Hill, Mother Jones and,
Bill Haywood. These people did not go quietly into the night, their poetry was
written in sweat and blood. They did not tiptoe through life just to arrive
safely at death, they marched loudly, and proudly and wrought change. They
scared the shit out of the corporate criminals and effected change – we should
do no less.

I was here for McCarthy, I am a veteran of J. Edgar Hoover’s COINTELPRO, I’ve
had my head banged and wrists manacled – and at 68 years of age will do it again
if it helps to destroy corporate malfeasance and murder. We cannot tiptoe
quietly through, and around fascism, joining hands in singing “We shall
Overcome” ain’t going to make it go away – it takes blood, sweat and tears.

I love my country, I abhor that evangelical Taliban and their sycophants, who
murder, rape and, pillage in the name of Jesus Christ. I weep for the men and
women dying in a false war fought in the name of Christianity, (and oil). I
suffer with the tens-of-thousands of injured and maimed – physically and
mentally – men and women warehoused and forgotten.

Aren’t we pissed off enough yet? A wonderful woman named Maggie Kuhn said it oh
so well: “Speak your mind, even if your voice shakes!”

Take care out there,


Wednesday, February 15, 2006

A Wink’s as good as a Nod to a Blind Congressman

The denizens of Congress are tripping over one another in their rush to get to the “returns and exchange window” to divest themselves of Abramoff’s largesse. The mass exchange of gifts has overwhelmed the ‘returned money spin machine.’

The entertainment value of all this is priceless. A reality show with kids, whose hands are caught in the cookie-jar, pointing fingers and screaming: “well, I took one cookie but Johnny took two.” Of course with our Congressional whores it is also hand wringing, breast beating and a ritual washing of the hands – a-la-Pontius Pilate.

Ironically enough, Abramoff - before becoming uber-lobbyist – spent ten years in Hollywood producing movies. And now, here comes Jack producing the biggest corruption film in a century. It will certainly make a better hit than his memorable Red Scorpion (1988), an anti-communist film funded by the South African apartheid regime.

With so many politicians scrambling to distance themselves from the Jack-in-the-Box, Washington could produce the world’s largest omelet – or rather they already have with so many politicos caught with egg on their slimy faces.

You know, I’m not a media pundit or an analytical talking head type. I’m just a jaded, 68-year year-old guy out here in the Mojave desert who looks at all of this hypocritical bullshit unfolding, and I just want to shake the beejesus out of the stupid American public.

For many, many years I’ve used that phrase; “the American people deserve what they get.” Nat Hentoff once chastised me for it, but he could not give me an argument against it. Simply saying that the public does not deserve crooks as politicians holds no water because it is the public – who by virtue of voting, or not voting – put the fucking crooks in office.

Thanks to some genetic quirckery, I’m a kind of logical sort – things have to make sense to me and have a rhyme or a reason. And the reasons for Americans to continually select the criminals and hypocrites who travel to Washington and devise new and painful ways to corrupt Democracy, and stick it to the citizenry, is beyond me. I mean it’s like selecting your own personal armed robber, or murderer.

And in essence that is what we do, every two, four or six years we choose our own poison, and we kill ourselves. All one needs do is to look at it from a common sense standpoint – kind of like the book “All I needed to know I learned in Kindergarten” – why would any rational thinking individual believe that another individual is going to spend millions of dollars to win a position that pays a hundred and some thousand dollars? And then serve the public’s interests?

If you believe that individual is going to represent your best interests, I have this bridge out here in the Mojave for sale. Now if you make an investment of a few million for a seat in a club that pays $150, 200 thousand or so, you most certainly want to recoup that investment. There is one – and only one – way to maximize the return on that investment; you become a bought and paid for corporate prostitute, no ifs, ands or buts.

Enter Jack Abramoff, whose wheeling and dealing bought everyone from the President on down. Abramoff, and his (ex?) law firm Greenberg- Traurig know how things get done; “money talks, bullshit walks.” A few years back I was part of a group of folks who were opposing Enron’s desires to site pollution-spewing power plants in South Florida, fortunately we won the battle. Enron’s lobbyists and attorneys – Greenberg-Traurig.

Now enter the Democrats who are expressing hypocritical outrage, and you have a real laugh-fest. The Dems – who are just as large in the prostitution business – would have us believe they are as pure as the wind driven snow. My guy from out here - Harry Reid - is the biggest joke since W.C. Field’s rap on Philadelphia.

Then we have the apologists/supporters of the Dems; magazines like The American Prospect, The Nation, Mother Jones, et al; along with the so-called progressive web sites etc. I read the magazines, I visit the web sites and it is all the same old same old stay the course, work for change garbage. The current progressive idea – as well as the past and future idea – re change is to elect more Dems. Now, this blows me away! Why the hell would anyone in their right mind want to elect more of the same crooks? Only difference between the two; Repugs get in your face, take your stuff, and dare you to do something. Dems, they just do it in a more discreet fashion, but they still do it.

I don’t know how you feel, but I think it’s time for a new party in the United States, the Revolution Party. It is time to revolt against the slime bags in D.C., and get rid of them all. A Democrat is the same as a Republican to an American who can’t afford to live in this country anymore, and affordability is becoming non-existent here. We the people, don’t have a Jack Abramoff, so we need the strength of a citizen movement.

And if “Move-on,” and “Meet-up,” and those other so-called progressive entities want to join in they are welcome. But until then, think about this: “Lead, follow or get out of the way.”

(NOTE: for all of you NSA, COINTELPRO or other spooky types out there, this writer is not in any way, shape, or form espousing any form of insurrection against the good old UsofA other than peaceful, lasting transformation. Which coincidently, would serve to put you out of a job – at least on the domestic front).

Take care out there,

First time out of the box.

Greetings out there in blogger-land. This is my first attempt at this. I suppose it's better late than never, and I am still not sure that I am going to get comfortable in this venue.
I am a writer, so it should come easy for me. I am also published on the web, at one web site in particular (it's not a blog). And no, you won't find me by googling my blogger name, my other web publishings are done under my given name. If I get comfortable in this, I may link to my other stuff.
I'm also a newspaper reporter for a small desert weekly, as well as a columnist.
I'm also a pissed off 68 year old guy who considers himself an anarchist, and I am trying my damndest to channel Emma Goldman.
I will be writing my views, ideas and whatever, on what I think needs to be done to get this fucking country out of the hands of the corporate bloodsuckers, and back to the people.
Of course, the people have been propagandized, and entertainized to the point of being comatose. I don't know if we can wake them up, ignorant people are (and always have been), easily led.
Be gentle with me, this is a new venue for yours truly - I'll get better as it moves along.